Considering buying Bob and Brad’s C2 Massage Gun? I’ve got you covered. I spent 12 weeks fully testing the product, and in this article I’m going to share my experience, thoughts and feedback. Let’s jump straight in…

bob and brad c2 massage gun review

Bob and Brad’s Team Reach Out

First of all, I’m not paid or endorsed at all by the Bob and Brad team. They reached out to me and asked for an independent and honest review, which I think takes real confidence on the part of the company.

My Review Process

I wanted to give the c2 massage gun a proper try, so I decided to use it throughout an entire 12 week training programme. I didn’t have a set approach or schedule for using the gun, instead I used mainly by feel. For example, if my quads were sore after an especially tough leg workout, I’d spend a bit of time on them that evening.

I probably used the massage gun an average of 2-3 times per week for the 12 weeks, so you’re looking at 24-36 times in total. Alongside this, I also let some of my athletes, and my wife, try the product out as well, just to hear a few more thoughts on it.

Initial Experience with The Product

First of all, the product was neatly packaged. It comes in a compact, modern looking case, and each of the attachments are well packaged inside. The massage gun also comes with a short booklet providing ideas for how to massage specific muscle groups.

The gun also mentioned that it needs charging, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had already been charged, so I could get straight into using it.

The massage gun itself has 5 different power settings, ranging from what I would describe as ‘decently powerful’ up to ‘floor shaking’ (I don’t exaggerate, my wife could literally feel this thing from across the room!)

All in all, a very good initial impression.

Muscles Worked With Experience

C2 Massage Gun Pros

There were three main things that stood out to me with the product:

  • Powerful
  • Multiple attachable heads for different areas
  • Compact and portable

Powerful: The massage gun genuinely packs a heck of a punch, way more than I expected

Multiple attachments: 5 different heads gave me plenty of options for working into different muscle groups

Compact: The massage gun is super lightweight, so I could transport it easily

C2 Massage Gun Cons

If I’m being honest, this is just me being pretty picky – the massage gun as a whole is a solid product:

  • Sometimes a little TOO powerful
  • Can be a little bit hard to reach certain areas, e.g. spinal erector muscles

Too Powerful?: Funnily enough, I actually could have done with a gentler setting, as there were times where I wanted to push deeper into the muscle, but the strength of the vibrations sort of stopped me from doing so.

Hard to reach areas: I’m a pretty mobile/flexible guy, but trying to massage my spinal erectors (which get really tight) was a little bit tricky. Not impossible, just a bit tricky. I think if you’re a bigger or less flexible person you might struggle with that. Perhaps Bob and Brad can come up with a cool little gizmo or extender to make it easier to use the massage gun on your back muscles.

Final Thoughts on Bob and Brad’s C2 Massage Gun

Honestly, when I first saw the c2 massage gun, I thought that there was no way something so small or compact was going to be able to properly massage me. I’ve been training for a long time, I’m pretty dense, and my I’ve had massage therapists using elbows on me in the past.
I was VERY pleasantly surprised…

“For such a small massage gun, Bob and Brad’s C2 packs a heck of a punch”

Alex Parry

The massage gun was more than capable of delivering a powerful massage, plus it was lightweight and portable enough for my to take on holiday, and to take with me whilst travelling to competitions with my athletes.

I think overall, it’s a handy product, which does exactly what you would ask of it. Plus, at around $70 (£60) it’s pretty affordable. Going forwards, I think I’ll keep it in my ‘toolbox’ of recovery methods, alongside things such as:

  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Reducing/managing stress
  • Mindfulness practice (linked to the above)
  • Nutrition to support performance
  • Short, regular walks

I think when a muscle is especially sore or tight, and I just want to work into it, get some blood flow into it and facilitate some better recovery, it could be a useful option.

A Handy Discount Code

The team at Bob and Brad also sent me a nice little discount for my readers, so if you are gonna buy one, you might as well save some cash. (Again, I don’t get any money from them – I’ve just reviewed the product and given my honest thoughts)

10% OFF Discount Code: BobBrad401

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