Meet Your Coach


alex parry

Ba, MSc


strength coach

“For me, the most important thing is the Coach-Athlete Relationship…attentiveness, confidence, trust…working together towards a shared goal”

I’ve been coaching for around a decade, working with everyone from recreational through to senior international level across a variety of sports.  Alongside I work as an educator for British Weightlifting, and as a PhD Researcher and Assistant Lecturer at the University of Hull.

My coaching philosophy is evidence-based, utilising modern sports science alongside an emphasis on the importance of the coach-athlete relationship.  What that means for you is that you get a coach who uses data tracking and performance sport metrics, but who also pays detailed attention to you as an individual.

For more information, and to see if we’re a good match, consider getting in touch, and we can talk about your training history and performance goals.





Experience / Quals

Strength & Conditioning


  • 10+ Years Professional S&C
  • 100+ Athletes from recreational through to senior international level
  • Supported Leeds Beckett and Leeds Universities Teams and TASS Athletes
  • Provided S&C for City of Leeds Swimming Club, Leeds Rebound Gymnastics and Cultiv8 Tennis Academy.



  • 6+ Years as Tutor & Educator for British Weightlifting
  • 80+ Weightlifters from complete beginner through to experienced competitor
  • Head coach of Yorkshire Barbell Club



  • 20+ Powerlifters coached from recreational through to experienced competitor
  • Head Coach of Outlift Powerlifting Club

Remote and in-person coaching options

The Gym

Most of my coaching is online, but if you’re in the Yorkshire region and want to train in-person, I’ve partnered with Yorkshire Strength in Castleford.

The gym facility has a full equipment set-up for weightlifting, powerlifting, strength and conditioning.  Bars, plates, racks, assistance equipment (dumbbells, cables, GHR, Leg Press, Sled etc)

Let’s chat about your training history, goals, and put a step by step game plan in place to get your performance improving