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1:1 Coaching

I offer 1:1 coaching for weightlifting, strength & conditioning and hypertrophy.  If your goal is to maximise your strength, power, size, endurance or athleticism, you’re in the right place.

Olympic Weightlifting Coaching

Refine your technique and increase your snatch, clean and jerk with a qualified British Weightlifting Coach.

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Maximise your sports performance by becoming stronger, faster and better conditioned than your opponents.

Hypertrophy Coaching

Add some off-season mass and maximise your muscle gain.

Training programmes

I’ve designed a selection of weightlifting programmes, strength and conditioning programmes and hypertrophy programmes.  They’re all evidence-based, effective and reasonably priced.

olympic weightlifting programmes
Olympic Weightlifting Programmes

Programmes designed to help you refine your lifting technique and increase your snatch and clean & jerk.

strength and conditioning programmes
Strength & Conditioning Programmes

Programmes designed to help you dominate your sport by increasing your strength, power, endurance and athleticism.

hypertrophy programmes
Hypertrophy Programmes

Programmes designed to help you add mass and build muscle in the most effective, time-efficient way possible.

Real Athletes. Real results

“Before I contacted you I was struggling to total 57kg, that was only 10 weeks ago, now I’m looking at a total of 80kg+ with Master’s Worlds on the cards, thanks so much Boss 

Jean M. Masters 65F Weightlifter

“Gold in Kata and Silver in Sparring! My best before in either was bronze, so I think the strength and conditioning work payed off big time 

Oliver T. World’s Karate Competitor

Alex has been great at thinking outside the box e.g. listening to my needs and adapting my program as my schedule changes, allowing me to hit PBs at two major competitions

Ryan F. Competitive Powerlifter


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