Olympic Weightlifting programmes

These evidence-based olympic weightlifting programmes are designed to help you refine your technique and increase your snatch and clean & jerk as effectively as possible.

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weightlifting and bodybuilding programme

Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Programme

12 Week Programme to get you jacked whilst also increasing your numbers in the snatch and clean and jerk.

Good for all ability levels

back hypertrophy programme

Classic Weightlifting Programme

A classic 12-week weightlifting programme that uses distinct blocks for general preparation, specific strength training and peaking.  A good balance of weightlifting and strength.

Perfect for intermediates and advanced levels.

bulgarian weightlifting programme

Bulgarian Weightlifting Programme

This 6-week weightlifting program utilises high frequency, high-intensity snatches, cleans and jerks to maximise your total.

*Not for the faint of heart.  Not for beginners.

alex parry weightlifting coach clean pull

Strength Focused Weightlifting Programme

This 10 week weightlifting programme focuses on bringing up your squatting, pulling and overhead strength.

Good for off-season lifters, and for technically solid lifters who are lacking in raw strength

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 1:1 coaching

If a pre-written weightlifting programme isn’t gonna cut it for you, consider looking at my 1:1 online weightlifting coaching option

1:1 coaching

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