12-week Weightlifting & Bodybuilding programme

Improve Your Weightlifting Total and Get Jacked With this 12 Week Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Programme

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About The program

My name is Alex Parry, I’m a strength, conditioning and weightlifting coach that helps athletes and weightlifters refine their technique, get stronger and hit PR’s – Whilst actually looking like they lift!

Over the past 7 years, I’ve coached everyone from 
everyday athletes through to squads of national and international level competitors.

And I can tell you one thing for certain, 99% of us are never gonna lift weights anything like Lu Xiaojun or Dmitry Klokov.  But most of us do stand a half-decent chance of looking like them if we put in the right type of work.

I created this 12-week weightlifting and bodybuilding programme with that goal in mind, combining the best elements of both sports.  Giving you enough work to get strong and become a better weightlifter, but also enough targeted bodybuilding to pack on some lean muscle.

It’s priced super-reasonably so it should be within most people’s budget, and you can purchase the programme by clicking the button right there…

Evidence-Based Training To Become a Jacked, Strong Weightlifter

What’s included


4 Day Per week training schedule

Perfect for balancing hard training whilst allowing enough time for recovery.


weightlifting Technique Work

Exercises selected to address the most common weak spots for beginner and intermediate level lifters.


Comprehensive Instructions

Guidance on how to best run the programme and how to adapt when needed.


Unique Phasic Structure

Move through 3 three distinct training phases, each with different amounts of focus on bodybuilding and weightlifting


Bodybuilding Progression

Progressive overload of key muscle-building exercises to maximize hypertrophy.

sample workout

This is Day’s 1 and 2 from Mesocycle 2 of the programme.

weightlifting and bodybuilding programme workout examplesYou’ve got a perfect blend of classic weightlifting work,  key strength exercises, and bodybuilding movements.



The full 4 day weightlifting and bodybuilding programme includes 12 weeks of training, with 48 progressive and intelligently sequenced workouts designed to maximise your muscle gain potential whilst improving your weightlifting total.

"I added 6kg to my total and went up a shirt size, can't argue with that""

Derek W. – Recreational Weightlifter

"The perfect off-season programme, my upper looks yolked and my clean & Jerk went up too"

James T. – Competitive Weightlifter

"The 3 phase progression is fantastic, It kept the training focused and allowed me to hit some nice pb's by the end"

Rachel S. – Recreational Weightlifter and Coach

About the author.

alex parry coach

Alex Parry, MSc, BA.

Alex has worked as a professional weightlifting and strength & conditioning coach for almost a decade, coaching recreational through to senior international athletes.

He’s also an assistant lecturer and PhD researcher at the University of Hull, and an Educator for British Weightlifting.

I wanted to put together an evidence-based, well-designed programme better than what’s out there, so that you can reliably improve your weightliftng total, whilst also getting as jacked as possible.

Alex Parry

   What’s included

Which Pieces of Equipment Will I Need?

The only equipment that you absolutely need is a barbell and bumper plates. If you have access to some light dumbbells or resistance bands that can be useful, but they’re definitely not required.

What are your coaching Qualifications?

I have a Masters Degree in Strength & Conditioning, Level 1 and 2 British Weightlifting Certifications and Level 3 Sports Conditioning Certification. I am also currently pursuing a PhD in Strength Coach-Athlete Relationships.

Can I Use This Programme Whilst Cutting/Dieting?

Absolutely, I used this exact programme during my most recent diet phase, dropping 5kg across the 12 week period.  Just make sure that you’re listening to your body following the guidance included about total number of sets, i.e. reducing sets when needed.

What If I Can't Do a Particular Exercise Due to Injury or Equipment Limitation?

Feel free to sub out and replace exercises as needed. And if you’re really struggling, you can drop me a message, alex@characterstrength.co.uk, and I’ll brainstorm a custom solution for you free of charge.

How Will I Access The Programme?

After purchase you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can download the programme as an excel document.  If you encounter any issues, just email alex@characterstrength.co.uk

What Type of Results Can I Expect From the Programme?

Your results will depend on a range of factors including training experience, nutrition, sleep and even your genetic potential.  I’m not some A-hole internet coach who’s gonna promise you a Mr Olympia level physique or a world-championship weightlifting total in 12 weeks. What I can promise is a solid, proven programme built on the best current weightlifting and bodybuilding practices from around the world.

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