Instead of writing a complex blog piece, today I wanted to quickly touch on an important topic for most athletes.

And that is the reality that, as an athlete, most people won’t understand you.

  • When you’re getting up at 6am
  • When you’re trying to fit training around work and school
  • When you’re measuring out meals and eating out of Tupperware

To most people, you’re just gonna look sort of crazy.

And that’s okay.

Because you’re not ‘most people,’ you’re an athlete, and your goals are different.

But there are a couple of things you can do to make your life easier…

1) Take the time to explain to friends and family why what you’re doing is so important to you. Explain what you’re working towards, and what those goals require. You might find this helps get people on board who will support your goals.

2) Get yourself a team, community or partnership with other athletes, coaches. It can be an online team, an in-person team, a meet-up group, whatever, but it can make a huge difference to have supportive and like-minded people around you (especially if you’re an individual sport athlete)

That’s it, just a quick thought for the day, I’ll be back to more regular instructional training and strength and conditioning content later this week.

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‘Til Next Time