What is a Strength and Conditioning Coach | Leeds Strength and Conditioning Coach Alex Parry explain

Strength and Conditioning coaches train people to ‘Go’.

In its simplest form exercise can be divided into two categories, ‘Show’ and ‘Go.’ Exercise for ‘show’ is all about training to look good, bodybuilding being the most common example. Exercise for ‘Go’ is all about training for performance; think athletics, movement and sports.

A good coach will conduct a full needs analysis of the individual or group they’re working with and design a specific plan to get those people where they need to be. This might be through strength training, technical or motor skills training, stamina and endurance training or sports integration training. The overall goal of strength and conditioning coaching is to create a high performance athlete capable of dominating their chosen sport or activity.

To provide an example from my own experience coaching in Leeds, in 2014 I was approached by a young Rugby player called Ben looking for a strength and conditioning coach. The player had missed selections because he hadn’t kept up physically with some of his teammates. In other words he was too weak and too slow to compete with the bigger, stronger and faster athletes. So what did I do as a coach to help him achieve what he needed to achieve.

  1. I took him through a full strength and conditioning analysis looking at his squatting, lifting, pushing and pulling strength as well as his conditioning, core strength and stability.
  2. I went through a full lifestyle analysis with him, looking at nutrition, recovery and daily habits.
  3. I designed a specific training programme designed to rapidly increase his strength and speed.
  4. I crafted a personalised lifestyle programme including nutrition guidance, recovery strategies and dietary planning to improve his health and help him pack on lean muscle mass.
  5. I then personally took him through all the specifics of his training. Adjusting every possible variable to help him maximise his performance.

Fast forward one year and Ben had become a phenomenal athlete:

  • His squat one rep max went from 120kg to 160kg.
  • His deadlift one rep max went from 140kg to 190kg
  • He went from running 100m in 13 seconds to running it in 11.6
  • He had also gone from weighing 85kg to a competitive 96kg

In other words strength and conditioning coaching had made Ben into a bigger, faster and stronger athlete, more than capable of holding his own on the pitch.

Ben is just one example of the difference that a strength and conditioning coach can make. Good quality training and lifestyle advice can mean the difference between amateur and professional, it can mean the difference between sat on the benches and starting every single game. Whether you’re a rugby player, sprinter, rower, mixed martial artist, dancer, hurdler, football player or any other sport for that matter, Strength and conditioning coaching is an investment worth making.

Now, chances are that if you’re reading this then you’re actively participating in some kind of sport or physical endeavour. Odds are that you’re pretty damn committed and that you’re looking for a way to maximise your performance and improve your game. Great, because I’m going to offer you a chance to do just that.

I’m offering a full Strength and Conditioning Needs Analysis for anyone that inquires about my Sports performance Strength & Conditioning Programme.

That’s right, I’m willing to provide you with a full 90 minute analysis of your training, programming, nutrition and lifestyle for FREE. All you have to do is be self-motivated enough to get in touch and turn up for your session.

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