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Goals catered for

Programme Design

Building Better Coach-Athlete Relationships

Teaching Olympic Weightlifting

Conditioning and Fitness Prescriptions

Client/Athlete Injury prevention

Managing Clients/Athletes Successfully


1:1 Support

100% Customised Coach Development and 1:1 Weekly Check-Ins From a World-Class Coach.  Maximise your Coaching Ability

your Mentor

strength coach

Alex Parry, MSc, BA

I’ve been working within strength & conditioning for around a decade, coaching recreational through to senior international athletes across a range of sports.  I’ve supported two major universities and three national talent pathways, and have built a successful S&C business, with 60’000+ people per month reading my online content.

Alongside this I work as a tutor and educator for British Weightlifting, as well as working as an assistant Lecturer at the University of Hull, specialising in Strength Coach-Athlete Relationships. I also have experience as an educator and assessor for various PT Courses. 

How it works

Here’s a step by step explanation of what happens when you choose to sign up for the results guaranteed 12 month coach mentorship

1) Info gathering

The mentorship is built around you, so we’ll start by discussing your goals, current strengths, as well as areas you wish to improve upon.  We’ll then build out a draft curriculum to ensure you move towards those agreed upon targets.

3) Learn & Progress

Each week I’ll ask you to keep notes of your main learnings, questions that arise, and areas of further interest.  Then at the end of each month we’ll review your progress and discuss the next tasks for you to prioritise.

2) 1:1 Support

We’ll start each week with a check-in, where we set your mentorship focus goals for the week.  Throughout the week, you’ll have access to me through WhatsApp, where you can ask questions, as well as send relevant coaching videos for feedback.  We then round the week off with a review check-in on the friday.

3) Learn & Progress

Each week I’ll ask you to keep notes of your main learnings, questions that arise, and areas of further interest.  Then at the end of each month we’ll review your progress and discuss the next tasks for you to prioritise.

What Past Mentees Are Saying

An absolute game changer for me as a coach, my approach to writing training programmes has completely changed

Peter S. Graduate Strength and Conditioning Coach

Honestly, I was on the edge of quitting the industry, Alex has renewed my passion for it and given me a whole new set of skills to help me stand out and deliver client results

Joey K. Personal Trainer

Why This Coach Mentorship over other courses and providers?

PT Courses

Low Quality
4-8 Weeks
  • Limited time to learn
  • Only a basic, generic syllabus
  • Limited support
  • Just another number amongst thousands of students

Crossfit Courses

Overpriced and Undercoached
2 Days
  • Over £1000 for a 2 day course!
  • Very basic content
  • No individual support
  • Leaves you feeling like you still need to know a LOT more

Coach Mentorship FAQ’s

How will I communicate with my mentor?

We’ll mainly communicate through WhatsApp, which we’ll also use to share videos.

What are your coaching/Teaching Qualifications?

I have a Masters Degree in Strength & Conditioning, Level 1 and 2 British Weightlifting Certifications and Level 3 Sports Conditioning Certification. I am also currently pursuing a PhD in Strength Coach-Athlete Relationships, and am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Who is this mentorship for?

This mentorship is for personal trainers, fitness coaches, strength and conditioning coaches and crossfit coaches who take their role seriously and want to uplevel their knowledge, coaching ability and confidence.

Is The Coach Mentorship Suitable for All Levels of Coach?

Absolutely.  The coach mentorship is 100% tailored to the individual, so the content we’ll cover and the areas we’ll focus on will be significantly different for new vs experienced coaches.

Can I CHat with you before deciding

Of course, I actually insist on chatting with all my potential mentees to make sure that we’re a good fit.  Feel free to drop me an email, or message me on 07712 471834

Who have you worked with?

I have provided strength and conditioning support to Leeds Beckett and Leeds Universities, City of Leeds Swimming Club, Cultiv8 Tennis Academy and Leeds Rebound Gymnastics Club.  I have also worked with individual athletes from recreational through to senior international level, and acted as Head Coach of Yorkshire Barbell Club, as well as Outlift Powerlifting Club.

How Much Work Will I Have to Do During The Mentorship?

We’ll design the amount of work around your schedule, but having at least 1 to 2 hours each week should give you a good place to start.  Of course, if you have more time available, we can use that time to maximise your outcomes.

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